Technical details

Technical details




300 mm 11,8


150 mm 5,9


3,9 kgs 8,6 ıbs



Search pressure

 14.8 V- 2AH / LI-PO

Product features

Strapping Tool

ITA 24 is the most reliable three operating modes battery strapping tool, suitable for 13 / 16 mm PP and PET strap.

The machine can works on fully  automatic/semi automatic and manuel operating  mode.

The high-efficiency and long-lasting  Lithium-Polymer battery will guarantee an high number of duty cycles per single charge, without any memory effect. The motor housing is strong and well protected. It is equipped with Brushless motors to grant low maintenance, high speed and improved electronic control.The control panel is digital.

Thanks to Ita 24 for easy to be used. It is very lightweight and well designed, can  be used even with one hand.The strap size can be changed without any guide replacement. Tension can be adjusted between 300-2500N


Preffered Industries:


The tool finds application in many fields, from the timber to the corrugated, from the steel to the logistic to the brick or for any possible other strap. ITA 24 is the battery strapping tool for plastic strap at 360°