• About Pakmak


    PAKMAK is an international company which operates in the Industrial Packaging System and Machine sector with a Turkish-American joint venture. It represents companies which are leader in the World in Turkey. It provides technical service support by selling its products directly or by vendors. Our main goal is to reduce unit costs of our customers by providing most efficient latest technology packaging machines and products with powerful technical service.

  • Products

    Strap Machine

    Pakmak is a leading manufacturer , wholesaler and distributor of load securitization machinery and consumables such as strap, strapping tools, strapping machines, stretch film, stretch wrappers, plastic pallets, palletizers, stretch hooders, shrink hooders and money and box banding machines. Pakmak, directly or through local distributors serves in US, Turkish, Eastern European, Central Asian, Middle Eastern and Adrican markets.


  • Why Pakmak?

    7day/24 hour Technical Service

    PAKMAK represents best manufacturer companies in the World. It follows innovations in sector by participating to domestic and international fairs every year. PAKMAK sales team makes presentation to customers by showing return on investments. Installation team shows customers how they use machines efficiently. And technical service team submits “ 7day/24 hour Technical Service” to customers to solve technical problems just in time.

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    Our Packaging Systems Videos

    Strap Machine, Stretch Wrapping Machine, Box Taping Machines, Shrink Machine for information 0232 328 10 51 , 0212 659 49 91 by phone or info@pakmak.com you can reach us at.