Ita 21 Akülü Çember Makinası

Technical details

Technical details




315 mm


140 mm


3.8 Kg



Search pressure

 14.8 V - 3 A/H LI-PO

Product features

Strapping Machine

ITA 21 is a Medium –High tension  strapping tool suitable for 16mm and 19mm PP and PET strap operating in manuel tensioning mode. The high-efficiency and long-lasting 3Ah Lithium-Polymer battery will guarantee an high number of duty cycles per single charge, without any memory effect.The motor housing is strong and well protected.

Ita 21 is a light weight and one hand operating tool, the strap size can be changed without any guide replacement. The tool uses friction weld seal technology that guarantees high seal efficiency, without requiring any seal.


Preffered Industries:

ITA 21 finds application in many heavy duty application like bricks, ingots, steel and timber industry and many others.