Ita 21 Akülü Çember Makinası

Technical details

Technical details




315 mm


140 mm


3.8 Kg



Search pressure

 14.8 V - 3 A/H LI-PO

Product features

Plastic Strap Machine
This machine is capable of strapping 300 piece with max. battery. Itatools are designed based of many years experience with appropriate machinery to customers. Produces by Itatools in the field of only hand-held strap machines.  Ita 21 strapping machines is use easy different sectors. This strap machine has to 14.8 V - 3 AH  litium battery. With litium battery recharges your batteries in as little as 25 minutes. The operator can be used in a comfortable way are digital screen on the machine. Pakmak has to strong proffesional sales and technical services.